Letitia James Has Killed The Myth Of Donald Trump

New York Attorney General Letitia James was correct. She didn't need a jury to prove that Donald Trump and his adult sons committed fraud.

Here Is What You Need To Know About The Trump Fraud Case

The judge in New York ruled that Donald Trump, Eric Trump, and Donald Trump Jr. all committed fraud for years. The judge agreed with AG James that Trump’s business wasn’t real estate so much as it was inflating assets and lying about his personal wealth to get loans.


The one page that you really must see is the judge’s order:

The big word there is dissolution. Not only did the judge rule that the Trumps were unfit to do business in New York, but that their businesses were going to be dissolved.

As they say on the late-night commercials, but wait, there’s more.

AG James is seeking fines and penalties in the $250 million range.

James has proven that Trump isn’t worth anything close to what he claimed, and the state of New York is going to seize Trump’s assets and sell them to pay any judgment against him.

There is going to be a trial on five other matters related to the fraud case, and that trial will be overseen by the same judge that issued today’s ruling, with no jury.

The Trumps will set up shop in another state, but being banned from doing business in New York will be costly. What is even more damaging is that the Original Sin Of Trump Big Lies has been shattered.

AG Letitia James has gotten it done and proven that Trump is a fraud.

Trump was never a successful businessman. Donald Trump is nowhere close to as rich as he claimed, and his occupation wasn’t real estate, but he is a professional fraudster.



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