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Periscopio Venezuela – 4 de febrero 2021

Jueves 4 de febrero 2021, #PeriscopioVenezuela, Buenos Días

  1. https://www.eltiempo.com/mundo/eeuu-y-canada/estados-unidos-biden-espera-contactar-con-maduro-en-el-corto-plazo-564471  Gobierno de Biden no espera contactar a Maduro ‘en el corto plazo’. Administración Biden lo llama “dictador”. El Tiempo
  2. https://www.state.gov/briefings/department-press-briefing-february-3-2021/#post-216290-VENEZUELA  (favor leer completo) MR PRICE: Thank you. Well, let me take the prerogative to welcome you to the briefing room. If I’m not mistaken, you are Gaby Perozo of VPItv, a Venezuelan journalist who – as you said, your independent TV station has been shut down by the Maduro regime, so we’re very honored to have you here. To your first question, the United States condemns media censorship anywhere in the world. Media freedom is essential to the pursuit of a vibrant democracy and responsive governance. Nicolas Maduro is a dictator, there is no doubt about that, and media censorship is a hallmark of dictatorships. He and those who support him have tried to silence journalists like yourself who report the truth through regime-directed harassment, intimidation, and violence as well. We condemn censorship. We condemn blocking, harassment, and other tactics to stifle independent media voices, including the recent shuttering of VPItv and harassment of six other Venezuelan independent outlets. We support journalists and other democratic actors who are advancing the struggle for democracy in Venezuela. Maduro’s continuing media crackdowns severely limit Venezuelans’ access to accurate information. As a result, more than 5 million Venezuelans live in a so-called “news desert” with insufficient access to independent media. I think the broader point here is that only a regime afraid of its own people would engage in such practices. You mentioned our general approach to Nicolas Maduro and his regime. We haven’t had a chance to speak to it in the context, so I think it’s worthwhile. The overriding goal – the overriding goal of the Biden-Harris administration is to support a peaceful democratic transition in Venezuela through free and fair presidential and parliamentary elections, and to help the Venezuelan people rebuild their lives and countries – and country. Venezuelans have a right to democracy and a government that promotes and defends it, just like everyone else in this hemisphere. President Biden, you have heard him say this even before he was elected President Biden. He understands the pain that the current crisis in Venezuela has inflicted on the people of Venezuela and their families. Again, Maduro is a dictator. His repression, corruption, and mismanagement have created one of the most dire humanitarian crises this hemisphere has seen. That is why this administration is committed to several principles. One, designating, as appropriate, Venezuelans – Venezuela for temporary protected status. Number two, addressing the humanitarian concerns of millions of Venezuelans with international partners. Number three, targeting regime officials and their cronies involved in corruption and human rights abuses. And number four, again, aiding and restoring a peaceful, stable, democratic future for Venezuelans and the regime, both through free and fair elections and a long-term economic recovery. As to how we’re going to do that, look, I certainly don’t expect this administration to be engaging directly with Maduro. As we’ve said, we will work through a number of – we will work with a number of allies and partners to bring about progress towards democracy in Venezuela. We will do that with our partners in the region, we will do that with our European partners and allies, we’ll do that with the OAS, we will do that through the Lima Group, through a number of fora, likeminded fora that share the same goals of bringing about democracy and human rights and an end to this corrupt dictatorship in Venezuela. QUESTION: Does the Biden administration still believe that Juan Guaido is the best person to lead the opposition in Venezuela? MR PRICE: So the United States continues to recognize the 2015 National Assembly as the last remaining democratic institution in Venezuela, and consistent with that, the person chosen by the National Assembly to be its president as the interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaido. Yes. QUESTION: Sorry, can I just put a fine point on this? You mentioned the Lima Group and the OAS. What other likeminded fora are you talking about here? MR PRICE: Well, I was using —QUESTION: Because the – as you know, a very small number of UN members have done this, have recognized Guaido or unrecognized Maduro, as the case may be. So is there – are there any other fora that you’re talking about here? MR PRICE: Well, so to name a couple here, the OAS has indeed taken a strong leadership position pressing for a democratic transition in Venezuela. The Lima Group, we welcome its leadership to further strengthen a regional coalition to advocate for free and fair elections. I was using fora perhaps colloquially. Bilateral relationships, multilateral relationships. QUESTION: Well, that’s two. But I mean, so are there more? I mean, yeah, that’s – two is plural. I accept that. QUESTION: Could you just – just (inaudible) a little bit. Maduro. The previous administration said that there basically should be no contact with Maduro other than perhaps on logistical things like the status of the U.S. embassy there. Is this administration willing to have any sort of dialogue with Maduro if it advances the goals that you mentioned? MR PRICE: Again, I would expect that our dialogue will be with our likeminded allies and partners as well as with the National Assembly, Juan Guaido, as the leader chosen by that National Assembly. I would not expect any direct contact with Maduro, again, whom we consider to be a dictator. QUESTION: At any time, or are you talking about – that’s the current policy? MR PRICE: I’m always talking about current policy. I don’t want to – clearly, I’m talking about current policy. QUESTION: But is the policy “we will not talk to him” or is the policy “we don’t expect to call him anytime this week”? MR PRICE: I think it’s a little bit of both. We certainly don’t expect any contact with Maduro anytime soon. Again, our focus is on working with our allies and partners, working with partners in the region, working with – sorry – working with – through the fora and not through the regime directly. QUESTION: Another on Venezuela? Where does that leave the CITGO 5? And can you also give us a bit of a backgrounder on the Secretary’s comments to families of people like the American veteran who’s been taken by a Taliban off-shoot in Afghanistan, et cetera? MR PRICE: I would be happy to. So let me start with that second question, and actually I will offer a little detail that yesterday, as I think we read out, Secretary Blinken held a private video conference with the family of U.S. hostages and wrongful detainees. As we’ve said, bringing home U.S. citizens in captivity is a priority for this administration. It’s also vital that we continue to partner with the families of those wrongfully detained and held around the world. It was a meeting that – it was a virtual meeting, of course, but as I understand it, it included a number of families, went for about 90 minutes. The Secretary, I know, asked to be briefed on these cases as one of his first acts in office, and as you can tell by the meeting just yesterday, he’s prioritized the collective work of this department, including the Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs Ambassador Carstens, the work we’re doing around the world to see to it that Americans who are unjustly detained are returned to their families and to their loved ones as expeditiously as possible.
  3. https://twitter.com/carlosvecchio/status/1357147672319320064  @carlosvecchio – La posición de EEUU y Administración Biden es clara: @jguaido es el Pdte. Legítimo de #Venezuela. 2. Maduro es un dictador. corrupto y violador de DDHH 3. Sobre la dictadura criminal habrá más y coordinada presión internacional hasta lograr la libertad y democracia en Venezuela.
  4. https://www.elnacional.com/venezuela/saime-envio-mas-de-7-000-valijas-entre-prorrogas-y-pasaportes-a-paises-de-latinoamerica/  Saime envió más de 7.000 valijas entre prórrogas y pasaportes a países de Latinoamérica. Los venezolanos deberán dirigirse a los consulados y embajadas para hacer el retiro. El Nacional
  5. https://americanuestra.com/ecuador-tambien-movilizo-tropas-militares-a-la-frontera-con-peru-para-contener-la-inmigracion-de-venezolanos-por-pasos-ilegales/  Ecuador también movilizó tropas militares a la frontera con Perú para contener la inmigración de venezolanos por pasos ilegales. Infobae AN
  6. https://www.larazon.es/internacional/20210203/uvf3qxzf4zcqdb2cu6p4g6ggqu.html  Vicepresidenta del Parlamento, Iris Varela, pide detención de Guaidó, acusa al presidente interino de Venezuela de delitos “en flagrancia”. LaRazon.es
  7. https://www.elnacional.com/opinion/transicion-y-elecciones-creibles/  Transición y elecciones creíbles. El Nacional, Editorial.
  8. https://efectococuyo.com/politica/cabello-dice-que-solo-asistira-a-actos-en-donde-sea-perentorio-que-este/  Cabello dice que solo asistirá a actos en donde “sea perentorio que esté”. EC
  9. https://www.abc.es/internacional/abci-maduro-pleito-guyana-como-morales-hizo-diferendo-chile-202102040137_noticia.html  Maduro usa el pleito con Guyana como Morales hizo con el diferendo con Chile. Emili J. Blasco, ABC
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Met5_ZNflaQ  Posición de Venezuela ante los reclamos de Guyana en la OEA, a partir del minuto 1:31:00 en adelante #27ENE
  11. https://efectococuyo.com/salud/ops-busca-acuerdos-para-que-venezuela-reciba-vacunas-de-covax/  OPS busca acuerdos para que Venezuela reciba vacunas de Covax, EC.
  12. https://www.eltiempo.com/mundo/venezuela/las-mentiras-del-regimen-chavista-en-su-rendicion-de-cuentas-564468  Las mentiras del régimen chavista en su rendición de cuentas. Delcy Rodríguez presentó un balance de su gestión durante 2020, ante el Parlamento. Andreína Itriago, El Tiempo
  13. https://www.vozpopuli.com/economia-y-finanzas/venezuela-economia-nicolas-maduro_0_1434458145.html  El tamaño de la economía venezolana en 2020 fue de 60.000 millones de dólares, con una renta per cápita de unos 2.000 dólares anuales, un nivel similar al de 1950: José Guerra, tras 22 años de chavismo, Vozpopuli
  14. https://www.vozpopuli.com/espana/abogados-podemos-cursos-formacion-desvios_0_1434457856.html  Abogados de Podemos investigaban «desvíos» de euros en cursos de formación y fueron cesados. Sospecharon de una «tapadera» para «desviar fondos» y no pudieron investigar. Luca Constantini, Vozpopuli
  15. https://elpais.com/internacional/2021-02-04/ecuador-afronta-una-probable-segunda-vuelta-con-el-candidato-impulsado-por-rafael-correa-como-favorito.html  Ecuador: probable segunda vuelta con candidato de Correa como favorito. El País, Francesco Manetto y Jorge Galindo. Pugna entre Andrés Arauz y Guillermo Lasso
  16. https://americanuestra.com/colombias-peace-tribunal-issues-a-crushing-judgment-against-the-farc/  Colombia’s peace tribunal issues a crushing judgment against the FARC. A system established to achieve “transitional justice” proves its mettle. The Economist. AN
  17. https://lagranaldea.com/2021/02/03/robert-kaufman-no-sabia/  Robert Kaufman no sabía. Emitió un juicio lapidario: Con profundo pesar en la voz y el semblante, afirmó que algo muy malo ocurría en Venezuela si sus estudiantes universitarios, por lo menos aquellos a quienes había escuchado ahí, justificaban un golpe militar contra un gobierno elegido en elecciones democráticas. El país que tanto admiraba se lanzó a un abismo, y todavía no ha llegado al fondo. Francisco Suniaga, LGA
  18. https://www.lanacion.com.ar/el-mundo/la-conexion-buenos-aires-mexico-moscu-como-se-disparo-nid2591494  La conexión Buenos Aires-México-Moscú: cómo la Sputnik V se abrió paso en la región. María R. Sahuquillo, Georgina Zerega y Elías Camhaji, El País, La Nación
  19. https://www.abc.es/internacional/abci-maduro-ofrecera-elecciones-regionales-libres-cambio-seguir-hasta-2025-202102032139_noticia.html  Chavismo se enroca en Venezuela. Mduro ofrecerá elecciones regionales libres a cambio de seguir hasta 2025. Henrique Capriles emerge, junto con Guaidó, como los hombres clave de la oposición para una negociación auspiciada por Europa y EEUU. Gabriela Ponte y Alexis Rodríguez, ABC
  20. https://americanuestra.com/antologia-del-totalitarismo-con-pablo-iglesias/  Antología del totalitarismo, con Pablo Iglesias. Todo el que critique sus caprichosas decisiones se convierte en antidemócrata; es más, enemigo del pueblo, antipatriota confeso Jorge Vilches, VozPópuli, AN
  21. https://americanuestra.com/venezuela-y-la-imigracion-corsa/  Venezuela y la inmigración corsa. Estaba pendiente un reconocimiento al aporte de los inmigrantes de Córcega a Venezuela. Luis Xavier Grisanti, Analítica, AN (26 de abril de 2011)
  22. https://americanuestra.com/denuncian-inconsistencia-de-los-datos-sobre-covid-19-en-cuba/  Denuncian “inconsistencia” de datos sobre COVID-19 en Cuba, América2.1

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